New product of Sony which is playstation plus will be available in India next week. It is expected that this new playstation plus would increase Sony's revenue. The central question is that can this new playstation overcomes the other competents such as Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass?
  A promising future is expected for the increasing market of game subscriptttttion services. This new playstation includes more than 700 games and there are three flexible options for Gamers to choose from.  At first, target market is  Japan and then it would be expanded. It can be considered as a massive global effort project to launch this new PlayStation all over the world.
This new product provides the following benefits : 
  • Cloud storage to save games
  • suport online multiplayer
  • individual discounts 
When this new PlayStation service starts, PlayStation will be transferred into the new PlayStation offering and no longer operate as a standalone service. 
Mata Writer