Nintendo is releasing a new type of Switch OLED but it isn’t the pro version that has been expected to be released about for months. Instead, it’s a special edition of Switch OLED having a theme around the upcoming Splatoon 3 game. The Switch OLED Splatoon 3 edition will be available on August 26 with price of $360 . Splatoon 3 game would not be reached with the system.
The new Splatoon 3-themed Switch OLED equipped with squid-themed art inspired by the game on the rear and two funky-looking Joy-Con controllers—one purple/blue and one yellow/green—both with white, relatively transparent sides. The dock, meanwhile, has a background of yellow paint in the bottom corner and a graffiti art dock all over it.
The Japanese gaming superpower recently confirmed that Splatoon 3 game release date would be on September 9 . The third entry in Nintendo’s popular squid-kid-shooting facilities will include a 4v4 multiplayer mode including new maps and a cooperative Horde mode called Salmon Run. A single-player campaign is expected, but nothing has been approved till now.
The first time that Nintendo launched the Switch OLED was last summer. Compared with the original Switch, that would be a huge improvement , equipped with an OLED screen as well as modified kickstand. The Switch, which first started in 2017, keeps its own state as the world’s best-selling video game console. Although there are rumours of Switch Pro for the past few months, Nintendo has not approved that even it is planning to release a more powerful version of the hybrid console.

Mata Writer